Igor Cornelson: Valuable Investment Tips for Brazil

A recent article was written concerning Igor Cornelsen, a successful Brazilian investment professional, giving three valuable investment tips in the growing foreign market, Brazil. People planning on investing in the Brazilian market must take some issues into consideration, and so Cornelson thoroughly explained what those issues and the effective strategies to use. These issues and effective strategies are as follows:

1. Familiarizing the Currency Restrictions- with Brazil possessing strict monitoring of the currency, it will behoove the aspiring investor to research all the currency laws. The right bank that deals with local and foreign exchange currency restrictions must be used. Also, Cornelson stated the commercial exchange rate can be changed at any time by the Central Bank of Brazil.

2. Networking with Natives- networking and building relationships are always key to ongoing business in Brazil. And 25% of Brazilian businesses are startups, and their age range is 18 to 64 years old. And with Brazilians being generally welcoming and loves talking, soliciting new ideas can be easily achieved when the investor easily initiates focus groups.

3. Red Tape Preparation- also, their government has heavy regulations in which the red tape is challenging. The market is growing progressively; nevertheless, many regulations are still set due to it still being fickle. Check more on ireport.cnn to know more.


It will behoove anyone to learn about investing in a foreign area if that person has never invested in a foreign field before. And even though Cornelson left Brazil to enjoy golfing in Florida, he missed his field of work in Brazil. He returned to consult his investors and potential investors on the proper ways to invest to greatly increase the propensity of success. And thus, from learning the currency restrictions to properly preparing red tape, investors will be strategic in maximizing profit and avoiding pitfalls.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos: A Passion for Philanthropy

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, are best known for their business and political accomplishments. Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education. She has worked her entire life for education reform in America prior to receiving this distinguished appointment. Dick DeVos is best known for his leadership at Amway Corporation where he grew the consumer goods distribution company’s global footprint.


However, the couple is also dedicated to philanthropy and has brought about an immense amount of change through their contributions. The couple founded The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with the goal of expanding and managing their large amount of charitable giving. The two have donated millions of dollars to worthy causes. They have frequently said that with their own financial blessings comes the responsibility to make the world better for others. They seek to follow in the footsteps of their parents, who were both dedicated to giving back to others whenever possible.


Betsy DeVos recently sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable to discuss the Foundation’s giving goals and her personal philanthropic goals. She spoke about how important giving back was to her family. Her focus was on providing a better quality of education throughout the United States. She strives especially hard to focus on the quality of education in low income areas where families may have limited access to their choice of schools.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given to a variety of charities spanning many sectors. Betsy’s passion for education led her to focus on a variety of programs in the education sector. She frequently gives to organizations that promote greater options in school choice. Having more choices in where they send their children to school is critical for low income families. She also focuses on giving to Charter School programs and ones that promote school vouchers in schools, another item of need for low income families.



Dick DeVos is very active in his community in many leadership capacities. He was a notable leader in the revitalization of Grand Rapids’ downtown area and also served as a board member of Spectrum Health, West Michigan Aviation Academy and the Grand Rapids Economic Club. The Grand Rapids downtown revitalization brought about things like a $75 million arena downtown, a $212 million convention center, a $90 million medical school and major improvements to the local healthcare system. Dick DeVos started the Education Freedom Fund to provide scholarships to children from underprivileged families throughout Michigan. The fund has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to families in financial need.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco

Executive Changes

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the outgoing President and the current Chairman of Bradesco. He attended an interview, held on Wednesday, to discourse the management changes at Bradesco. Luiz said that the bank is looking for another CEO who will replace him as the President of the organization. The process will respect Bradesco`s culture of promoting its staff to executive positions.

Bradesco announced the resignation of Lazaro Brandao as the Chairman of the bank. Having served the lending firm for more than seven decades, Brandao felt that the organization required a change in its management. This would ensure continuity and prosperity. Brandao started working at Bradesco, as a clerk, when he was 16 years old. He became the Chairman of the bank in 1999, a position he has served until his resignation.

During his reign, as Chairman and President of Bradesco, Brandao promoted a culture that ensured the growth of internal employees. He supported the culture of selecting the bank`s executives from the existing staff. He also nominated two Presidents to change the organization`s operations and increase its profit.

What Next for Bradesco

Bradesco has a culture that discourages one person from holding two executive positions at the same time. Following the immediate resignation of Brandao, the bank does not have sufficient time to elect a new president. Trabuco will, therefore, continue serving as the President of Bradesco. He will also be the Chairman of the Board of Executive. However, Trabuco has until March to propose a new President to the Board. The bank`s Executive Board of Directors has scheduled a meeting in March to discuss the agenda. The president`s name must be forwarded to the Central Bank, 30 days, before the meeting.

Trabuco`s promotion was ideal for the bank. Being 66 years, Trabuco is one of the longest-serving executives at the organization. However, his age can only permit him to hold the CEO`s position until next year. The bank had changed its bylaws to increase the maximum age of its CEOs from 65 years to 67 years. The extension was made to allow Trabuco enough time to oversee the integration of HSBC with the bank’s operations.

Trabuco was the Vice President of the Executive Board. Following his promotion, his position at the Board remains vacant. In the interview, Trabuco said that Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme is expected to replace him as Vice President. Guilherme started working at the organization when he was 13 years old.

The bank is not going to make surprises when it is electing a new president. Trabuco confirmed that Bradesco will promote the CEO from its executive body. The nominated person will reflect the best professional profile. Many Brazilian banks have adopted the system because it indicates proper corporate management.

Candidates for Bradesco`s Presidency

 Mauricio Machado

 Alexander Gluher

 Domingos Abreu

 Josue` Pancini

 Marcelo Noronha

 Octavio de Lazari

 Andre Cano

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in October 1951. He grew up with his family in Marilla where he started to develop an interest in bank operations and business management. He attended UNESCO, formerly known as Sciences and Letters of Sao` Paulo. He studied a course from the Faculty of Philosophy. Trabuco later enrolled at Funacao School of Sociology and Politics to pursue a Master`s Degree in Socio-Psychology.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working at Bradesco, as a clerk, at the age of 17. He became a marketing director in 1983. After 8-years of dedication, Trabuco was nominated to the President of Bradesco`s privately-owned company. In 2003, Bradesco`s Executive Board of Directors elected him to be the Vice President. He was promoted to be the President of the lending institution in 2009.

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Edison Research Gives Results of a Recent Analysis

Tom Webster works at Edison Research as its vice president for strategy while Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s executive chairman. The two made public the results of research on advertising tests. The research involved five major consumer brands in the country and targeted five different service and product categories. The analysis was carried out in the last half of 2016. The study was the first to be carried out involving pre and post-campaign brand lift for the advertising company. The findings of the research indicated that more than 60 percent of listeners talked about a specific brand of grocery during the post-campaign, which is an increase of the seven percent of listeners in the pre-study.


Edison research carried out three different analyses in 2016 to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising for about five brands in the country. It researched on behalf of PodcastOne. Some of the names were popular but were launching new messaging. The other brands were not as popular, so they were looking for increased awareness and trial. However, online surveys for the two case scenarios were conducted. The studies involved audiences of different leading podcasts before the podcast campaigns as well as after each brand had done four to six weeks’ worth of advertisements, using a similar methodology. The pre and post-campaign results showed that the podcasts audiences were positive about the brand messages and were willing to buy or consider them.


The founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne noted that their focus is to verify that the podcast format gives enhanced brand impact more than the traditional advertising formats. He also pointed out that the results are an evidence of their multi-tiered method of integrated advertising. Tom Webster mentioned that Edison Research was excited to partner with PodcastOne together with the leading brands to measure the impact of the advertising independently. Tom noted that from the research, they were able to know that podcast advertising has impacted significantly on an array of basic effectiveness measures since they methodology they used enabled them to study audiences before and after the campaigns.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne in 2012. Before that, he has established and launched Courtside Entertainment Group with the goal of producing and distributing quality programming. PodcastOne quickly became the leading distributor of audio-on-demand programming. Some of the company’s well-known line-up of personalities includes Steve Austin, Larry King, Penn Jillette, and Dan Patrick. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/


Pattiz chairs the Los Alamos National Securities Laboratories. He also works for Lawrence Livermore as the chairperson. Norman received the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009. President Clinton appointed Norman in 2000 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the US.


Louis Chenevert Successful Journey to UTC

Technology has become an important part of the modern society. Experts from all areas of life are working hard to make sure that everything is connected by technology. The companies that have been left by this transformation are only getting losses. The market is already competitive, and without embracing the new ways, investors are only making things worse. Louis Chenevert is currently one of the few business leaders who have accepted the new changes. The businessman has been in the technology world for a while, and he understands what the other institutions need to do so that they can make more profits and sales.

When looking at Louis Chenevert, one can easily tell that he is a serious professional who is determined to follow his dreams and bring changes in the world. His tall stature tells a lot and physique tells a lot about him. All these features reflect his numerous accomplishments in the technology department. His resume indicates that Chenevert has served in several companies in the past, and he has all the leadership qualities every company should embrace.https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-08/goldman-sachs-hires-former-united-technologies-ceo-chenevert

After completing his education at a prestigious college in his country, the businessman ventured into the corporate department so that he could impact lives and earn a living. At first, he was employed by a company called General Motors. His tenure at the private institution was full of activities. For more than fourteen years, Louis Chenevert worked hard to introduce the modern technology in the company. The company made a lot of profits due to the expertise portrayed by the experienced professional.

After working with the powerful company for close to two decades, Chenevert was nominated to serve as the president of a company called United Technologies Corporation. The company was excited to have him as the new president. In a very short while, the company was trending in several platforms due to the presence of the businessman. Chenevert was recently appointed to become the chairman of the institution, and he is looking forward to leaving a legacy that will always be remembered by future generations. The Canadian investor already has a lot of expertise in technology, and he will take the institution to greater levels.


Fabletics Grabs Phenomenal Success in the Online Fashion World in its Own Way

Fabletics has created a unique success story in the online world by following a way created by itself. The online brand, founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, has grown to a $250 million income-generating firm within three years. The company offered unique fashion activewear products that are made from high-quality materials. Interestingly, the products are priced at around 40% less than similar quality products available in the market. The brand used a number of techniques to make its vision of “favorite brand in activewear fashion” a reality. The techniques and strategies of Fabletics are an excellent case study for any growing or aspiring brands.


Fabletics identified that customer experience, last-mile service, exclusive design, brand recognition, and gamification elements have increased role in the concept of high-value brands for modern customers. Firstly, Fabletics introduced a unique shopping option that addresses all the issues of the customers. It introduced reverse showrooming to ensure an extra level customer experience. The brand opened up many physical showrooms in all the major cities in the United States. It means that people can go and experience products physically and purchase it either from the stores or the web store. It gives customers an option to check the product before buying it.


Secondly, it counted the online data as the primary asset for the retail strategy. Fabletics identified that providing the right content online as well as offline is an essential part of the customer’s brand journey. It depended on the local online data and identified the choices and preferences of customers and supplied the same to the local stores. This ensured that highly engaging and appealing products in the local stores, and that satisfied majority of the showroom customers. It also ensured that the brand’s growth focus is by depending on people, accessibility, and culture.


The brand ensured that communication is smooth across the verticals and to the customers. To improve the customer experience and by understanding the criticality of data, Fabletics devised a Lifestyle Quiz for its customers to offer customized products. It means that any new customer who signs up Fabletics for the first time has to complete a set of questionnaires that ask them their fashion preferences, physical aspects, and more. Based on that data, the online brand designs activewear products that can impress the customers. In return, the customers get products of their choice. Fabletics asks everyone who wanted to buy stylish and high-quality activewear products to sign up for the online store and complete the Lifestyle Quiz for getting products of their choice.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – The Doctor with a Mission

Depriving your body of sleep can be quite dangerous. Sleep is often neglected due to high workload and business ventures. And most people rely on coffee to keep them awake during their long working hours. This is one of the most misguided and worst trends. Lack of sleep shows in your general appearance, and it affects your health.

Sleep deprivation makes your eyes have a red look and looks puffy, and like old age, it might result in giving your face wrinkles. Your body needs sufficient rest, and it’s advisable to rest for seven to nine hours to give your body enough energy to recover from stresses and also prepare for the next day activities.

According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, many people are dealing with different effects of sleep deprivation. Dr. Weisfogel, a sleep apnea specialist, says that most folks do not understand sleep apnea conditions, he says that it’s a condition characterized by breathing pauses when sleeping, Sleeping Apnea prevents you from having a rejuvenating sleep and can lead to mood swings. Dr. Weisfogel is a certified dentist with a passion for helping his clients overcome sleep apnea.

Additionally, he has a degree in Psychology and Biology from the university college of Dentistry New York. He worked as a dentist for 15 years at the Old Bridge Dental Care located in New Jersey, where he received the Best Dentist award. In the year 2010, he formed Healthy Heart Sleep where he worked closely with other physicians on Sleep Apnea. Weisfogel has worked with physicians globally and advised them on management and establishment of sleep labs. With a background in marketing, Avi used his skills to establish Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he lectures other dentists on how to serve sleep-deprived patients.

In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters Company where he advised dentists on how to use oral appliances in treating sleep disorders. Dr, Avi Weisfogel uses his marketing skills, online and media marketing to reach more people and educate them on sleep. He is a sports Enthusiast who loves tennis and basketball. He also runs a sleep medicine program daily where he teaches other doctors on sleep medicine via texts, emails, webinars, retreats and site visits.

Saving the Earth with Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a water company founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, a seasonal resident of the islands. Ryan grew up near the Mauna Loa volcano and while on the islands came to see the Hawaiian way of life and the Hawaiian peoples love of the land. All of this are his inspirations and have made his dedication to the environment steadfast. He insures that it is a top priority in his company. Through their philanthropic work they have also donated 650 liters of clean water to places in need for every liter they’ve sold. When you think of the impact this has to people in need of clean drinking water it is truly amazing.

Now Waiakea has taken an exciting step towards shortening the footprint left by plastic water bottles. Through incredible research and studies they have managed to develop a degradable bottle that will change the entire industry. Within a year this bottle will be released to the public and finally an environmental hazard will become a thing of the past. By altering the qualities of the plastic used in the production of bottles, they have found a way to create these amazing bottles. The company has also received the first and the only patent on the degradation of plastic. This patent was given by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and it’s something astonishing.

Though this bottle is more costly to produce it is through the production process no different than adding color to the bottle. This process will make a huge difference in even the recycling of plastic bottles. Because these new water bottles melt down at a lower temperature the process of recycling is shortened. The new bottle and the commitment made to the environment in Ryan Emmons childhood is just a small step for this earth friendly company.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Role at Monkey Capital Explained

Daniel Mark Harrison is an expert in the cryptocurrency field and has often shared his knowledge with others. He has authored books on the subject, developed into a block chain evangelist, and opened companies in the industry. Being from the United Kingdom, he is a direct descendant of the House of Harrison. His ancestors established Harrison & Sons which is a money-printing company that was acquired by De La Rue in the late 1990’s. He is currently based in Singapore.
Harrison has an extensive list of educational achievements. He earned his bachelor’s at the University of Oxford, studying theology. In 2006 he acquired an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School. He also holds a master’s degree in journalism that he acquired at New York University. One of the companies he established was DMH&CO which manages the assets of both his family and himself. He is this company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board.
Another company Harrison recently became involved with is Monkey Capital, for which he is the managing partner. This company is involved in block chain currency and other financial technology. He first joined the company in March of 2016 and oversees its role as a decentralized digital asset firm. As an author who also writes extensively about block chain currency, he has contributed articles to CoinSpeaker for several years. His popular writing on subjects has led to this publication growing to over 450,000 readers every month.
While writing for CoinSpeaker, Harrison has broken a number of stories. Among these are, “The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index?” and “Altcoin Investors Pile Into Shares After 1.025 Million VC Round”. He has a lot of writing experience as he was a columnist for The Motley Fool from 2009 to 2015.
When the Huffington Post wrote about Monkey Capital and Harrison’s leadership of the firm, they called it a “billion dollar baboon”. This was a reference to Monkey Capital wanting to raise $1 billion. In the article, Harrison said that they would invest in COEVAL tokens and would make so much money they could hand these tokens out to their family and friends.

The Rise of Louis Chenevert to the Helm of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is the chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. The French-Canadian went to University of Montreal where he graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in production management. Before joining the United Technologies Corporation, he spent 14 years as the General Manager of General Motor’s St. Therese production unit. He then proceeded to join the Pratt and Whitney business, which is a small unit of the larger United Technologies Corporation. After six years with Pratt and Whitney, he was chosen to be the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999, marking the beginning of his ascent to the top of the UTC. After working for seven years as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada, Louis was appointed the President of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, where he stayed until 2014.

Louis‘ transformation and growth of the 100 billion dollar United Technologies Corporation started immediately after his appointment. Within a year after of his appointment, Mr. Chenevert had overseen the acquisition of Goodrich Company for 18.4 billion dollars. With this acquisition, Mr. Chenevert was able to achieve within a year what takes many executives their entire careers to achieve. Since then, Chenevert has steered the United Technologies Company in the advancement of both technological and individual growth for its employees.

Under Chenevert’s leadership and management, UTC has been able to maintain an edge in a troubled industry without compromising on its core qualities. Headquartered in Connecticut’s capital city of Hartford, UTC has never abandoned its base, oppressed its workers or cut on areas of public concern such as environmental compliance. This is commendable in the technology industry which has struggled under increased foreign competition and decreased revenue generation since the 1950’s. Despite these bleak market conditions, UTC seems to be doing even better than expected since Mr. Chenevert took over the company. In 2013, UTC generated twice the shareholder returns for the ten year period since 2003. This exponential growth in a troubled industry has been largely attributed to the able leadership of Mr. Chenevert

He attributes his success at the helm of the company to discipline and imagination. He has been able to beat challenges, both internal and external, by taking a different approach than the traditional problem-solving methods.