Sam Boraie’s Love for Real Estate and Philanthropy

Sam Boraie’s Love for Real Estate and Philanthropy

March 21, 2017 admin 0

Sam Boraie, the director of Boraie Development LLC is one of the most respected developers and philanthropists in the United States. Boraie has a taste for quality architectural spaces that touch the lives of many people in the community. Besides being a renowned developer, Sam Boraie works with the best urban planners in the United States in the quest to improve the Brunswick City. Before Sam began his career in real estate, Brunswick was facing tremendous deterioration and sprawl. His projects have been instrumental in saving this city from further deterioration.

Saving Brunswick City

The sprawl was a result of high rates of crimes that caused people to vacate this town. As the people vacated, the number of vacant lots increased significantly. Most developers would not risk investing in such a neighborhood. As the construction stopped, most of the vacant lots became the breeding grounds for violence while others turned into garbage pits. Boraie development LLC ( believes in coming up with sustainable solutions instead of avoiding the problem. Boraie saw a great opportunity in Brunswick and decided to develop a couple of infill projects to bridge the gap. Once the development team began to break ground, there was an air of optimism in Brunswick.

Boraie’s Mixed-Use Developments

Sam Boraie loves developing the mixed-use projects for a variety of reasons. For Boraie Development LLC, mixed-use developments offer the best opportunities to spur revitalization by incorporating a cluster of different housing types. These developments have managed to alter the architectural blueprint of the city without disrupting the local community. In New Brunswick, the project preserves the traditional village centers by taking advantage of high-quality design concepts that providing great flexibility and control.

Atlantic City

Boraie uses the same design concepts to revitalize the Atlantic City. According to Yahoo, these concepts focus on promoting a mix of retail, offices, restaurants, offices, family housing, and recreational centers. Through these concepts, Boraie provides several housing choices and opportunities for a vast array of homeowners. With the increase in affordable housing choices, the town is beginning to attract a couple of investors and homeowners. A vibrant city is with a 24-hour economy is more secure than before.


Sam Boraie loves philanthropy. As a member of the Elijah Promise, he initiates a couple of poverty eradication projects that hinge of sustainable development. Through his efforts, many lives have been transformed. His desire and passion for helping the poor to fight hunger and create investment opportunities are also evident in his real estate career.

Sense of community

Sam Boraie’s projects promote a sense of place since they incorporate the local community as well. The sense of community encourages economic investments that spur growth and turn the derelict sections into vibrant metropolitan areas. He increased revenue has also attracted many business entrepreneurs to invest in the Atlantic City. Sam Boraie has been instrumental in enhancing the sense of community, developing a couple of recreational facilities, providing lots of investments opportunities, and offers plenty of affordable housing options. View his full bio on