Samuel Stauch’s Career in Florida’s Real Estate

Samuel Stauch’s Career in Florida’s Real Estate

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Miami is a favorite spot for many locals and international people for many reasons. To begin with, Miami has all the social amenities one can require. These amenities include international shopping centers, world class restaurants, and well-maintained golf courses. The Miami tropical climate is as well quite favorable for the locals.

The Architecture of Miami Real Estate Buildings

The Miami real estate industry characterizes of world-class architecture majority of which comprises of skyscrapers, a great indication of how real estate agencies employ technological innovation in its construction activities.

Prices of Real Estates in Miami

The prices of different types of houses range depending on its size, quality, and location. For properties located at beach waterfronts, the cost may range between two million US dollars and sixty million US dollars. Others cost as much as sixty-five million US dollars. Those houses located further away from the beach front tend to be less expensive.

Metrik Real Estate Company

Among the movers and shakers of Miami, Real Estate Agencies is Metrik Real Estate. With its headquarters located in South Beach, Florida, Metrik specializes in three major areas namely brokerage, management, equity, and development.

Samuel Strauch’s Commitment to Taking Real Estate to the Next Level

Samuel Strauch is the principal at Metrik Real Estate Company. Holding his license for more than fourteen years, Samuel Strauch has carried out the various successful transactions concerning Miami homes.

Samuel Strauch’s Education

Samuel Strauch received his higher education from three prestigious universities. He attended Harvard University School of Business where he acquired knowledge about real estates and capital markets. Samuel later proceeded to Erasmus University Rotterdam to study international finance and marketing. Between 1991 and 1994, he studied Business Administration at Hofstra University.

Samuel Strauch’s Career

Before joining Metrik Real Estate in January 2002, Samuel Strauch had flourished in his banking career. His company has witnessed tremendous growth ever since. He is also an active investor in diverse restaurant businesses.

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  1. It is not always easy to translate vision into reality and as we know the real estate industry is one that require good plans for the community. In the view of Samuel Strauch who is the focal point here is quite a very good developer and he tends to inspire others with his achievements in the real estate business.

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