Marc Sparks: Successful Entrepreneur And Generous Philanthropist

Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur Marc Sparks had to overcome many obstacles to become a success. But since he struggled to maintain a C average and graduate from high school in 1975, he has gone on the start more than 65 companies and earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Sparks says the challenges and devastating circumstances he had to overcome in his 34 year business career have helped to keep him humble and make him acknowledge that only through the grace of God has he been able to make it. He says the scars represent lessons he’s learned and help him to understand his responsibilities.Learn more :


Sparks has detailed his many struggles and triumphs in a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. The goal of the book is to inspire people facing obstacles to be willing to persevere and continue to work towards their goals. The book contains valuable lessons Sparks has learned on his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It also contains pearls of wisdom from Sparks on what it takes to face adversity and come out on top. He shares his motivations and strategies to becoming an internationally known and respected entrepreneur. In the book Sparks shares the many lessons he’s learned from his experiences.


But Marc Sparks is more than just an entrepreneur. He is also someone committed to helping the less fortunate. He has been involved in giving back to the community since the 1980s. At that time he started supporting a homeless shelter called the Samaritan House. He also builds houses with Habitat for Humanity and helps at-risk children through his non-profit organization Sparky’s Kids. Sparks also provides support to a magnet high school network called the American Can! Academy. He has donated over a thousand computers and helped to improve life for countless people.Learn more:


Currently a principal at Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm, Sparks has also run an insurance holding company, a software company, several telecommunications companies, a number of restaurants and countless other companies. Some of the things that have led to his success are his passion for building companies, establishing a solid business model, creating short and long-term goals and maintaining an open-door policy where employees are encouraged share ideas with him. It’s enabled him to succeed with business ideas many other people thought were impossible to turn into a reality.


Marc Sparks’ goal was never to be a millionaire. He values good health for himself and his family, seeing his staff and customers happy and enjoying time with his family and friends. Plus he enjoys traveling to exotic places. He’s taken trips to Easter Island, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Tibet, Morocco, the Serengeti, Morocco, Xi’an, China and Agra, India.




Eric Lefkofsky: Recent Recap


Recently, an article published in ChicagoInno describes how Tempus is partnering up with University of Chicago Medicine to analyze data that will help patients suffering from breast-cancer. This data, used from DNA sequencing, will help doctors better treat patients, through gathering more accurate data that can be used during treatment. This will hopefully make treatments more effective and comfortable for those who are battling breast cancer, through machine learning.

You can find the article here:

About Tempus:

Tempus is a machine learning company, based in Chicago. The company is proud to boast its collection of molecular data, using genomic sequencing. Their overall aim is to improve patient treatment outcomes. Tempus partners up with physicians to use previous data to make new outcomes for patients who are currently undergoing treatment. Tempus understands the genetic process in cancer growth, and with this knowledge, they help patients understand how to best battle their cancer and more information click here.

 Eric Lefkofsky:

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Born in Michigan in 1969, Eric has had a successful career, and has positively impacted the lives of people who are in the fight of their lives. He is the son of a teacher and a structural engineer, and he has a brother and sister. Graduating from South Lathrup High School in 1987, Eric went on to the University of Michigan Law School to receive a J.D. degree in 1991.

With a background in law, Eric went on to pursue many entrepreneurial ventures, from selling clothing to logistics. In addition to his entrepreneurial career, Eric is a philanthropist, teacher and writer and what Eric knows.

Fun fact: Eric is also the co-founder of Groupon, which isn’t a shook considering his innovative abilities. He also was one of the people to help bring the summer olympics to Chicago.

Securus Technologies – Providing Superior Technology For Crime Prevention And Investigation

Securus Technologies is a prominent name in the field of inmate communications technology and has been offering pioneering products and services to the correctional space since its inception. The company invests heavily in research and development to make sure they can provide the best of products and services to the law enforcement agencies, inmates, investigative, and crime prevention agencies. The company is also known highly for its customer service and was also awarded one of the highest honors in the corporate sector for the best customer service training team, the Gold Stevie Awards.


Securus Technologies has served more than 15 million inmates till date and continues to reach out to over 1,200,000 prisoners in the United States. Moreover, the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are used by 3,450 law enforcement agencies, and the count continues to grow as the company grows and expand exponentially. In a press release published by Securus Technologies recently, the company wanted to share comments from some of the letters it received from the customers, which includes inmates as well as the law enforcement officials. It reflected positively on the company and how the firm’s products and services are helping with crime investigation and prevention.


Law enforcement officials mentioned in the letters how the advanced technology offered by Securus helps them on a daily basis with crime prevention and catching the offenders with ease. As a law enforcement official myself, I have used several of their products and services over the past couple of years, which has helped me on numerous occasions to prevent crime and arrest the offenders. It provides us with the crucial information that also acts as evidence in the court of justice, and makes our case stronger. It helps tremendously in reducing the crime in prison and the community.


Keeping It Low Key

To say that Doug Levitt is helping to bring an understanding between people of different socio-economic classes, is to say something that Doug himself may say is going a little over the top. Or maybe not, I can’t really speak for Doug himself, but the fact remains that while Doug Levitt is an artist at heart he is also somewhat of a social activist. What else can you call someone who is out there socializing with people for the purpose of bringing their way of life to the light of day? He is both socializing and is active in showing other people his purpose for doing it. So in that literal sense, he is a social activist.

Granted, he is doing this in such a way that you really have to look for someone like this in order to find him. He does not get much mainstream press, so unless you yourself are in this niche or actively seeking information about it, you are probably not going to know much about him. Much like the people he travels with via the Greyhound Bus lines. They are not living in what most of us consider “mainstream” society. Keeping up with the Joneses with our SUV’s and keeping current our mobile devices and more information click here.

Both Doug and the people he writes and sings about are a breath of fresh air in this rush and hurry world. Most people seem to want either their 10 minutes of fame, or bragging rights that they are doing better financially than their peers. Doug and the real common men and women of America are not like that. They are either doing what they love or doing what they can, and they are all satisfied with what they are doing and what they have. They are content. How many of us can say that about ourselves? and what Doug knows.

Wen By Chaz Does Everything Right

It is very rare to find a product like Wen by Chaz. It is a product that does everything right from the little things to the big things. That is because it was created and designed by Chaz Dean. He takes all things hair incredibly seriously while also having fun in the process. When that happens, people tend to take notice of it. How could they not? It is infectious, to say the least. That has always been Chaz’s personality. He is full of life and full of love. All of that shows in every ounce of Wen by Chaz, which he has designed for everyone out there.

He does not like to leave anyone out or have anyone feeling as though they are not getting the most bang for their buck. He wants them to walk away from the experience feeling like they got exactly what they wanted and then some. That is clearly the case with Wen by Chaz, which works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. No matter what someone is looking for in their hair care needs, they are sure to find it with Wen hair. It is not every day that people find a product like that on the Sephora beauty market.

That was a major reason why Emily McClure of decided to review it for the website. She has major clout in the fashion and beauty industry. She has seen a lot of products and tried out a lot of products. Because of this, when she talks, people listen and they know she is a straight shooter that is not going to just tell people what they want to hear or just look to get freebies. She is a reliable source and she wrote a rave review on Twitter of the product, Wen by Chaz, and that speaks volumes of it because it has her seal of approval.