A Brief Look At IDLife And Their New Wearable Device From Garmin

A Brief Look At IDLife And Their New Wearable Device From Garmin

June 16, 2017 admin 0

IDLife and Garmin are forming a strategic relationship partnership, and they have a common belief that having good health goes father that the number shown on the scale. They believe that it is very crucial to lead a total healthy lifestyle. The Garmin’s index scale is a clear indicator of their shared approach. Asides from showing the weight of the individual, it connects Via WiFi and measures numerous key metrics which includes BMI or body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, and water percentage.

Garmin has lots of experience when it comes to expertise in the wearable device and provides a detailed range of products which are created to match the requirements of any individual’s activity. Asides from the Index Smart Scale, the mobile application of IDWellness interfaces with partnership places emphases on the Vivo activity trackers from Garmin’s line. The vivo line of activity trackers provides a long battery life and a water rating of 50m. It also comes with vivofit three which boasts a battery life of up to a year. The Garmin device sports other outstanding features which differ from the various model consist of smart notifications, wrist-based heart rate, varied range of activity profiles to monitor workouts and activity detection with Move IQ which is automatic. With various features, styles, colors and sizes available, there is a Garmin wearable for every individual regardless of their activity preference or level of fitness.

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