The Introduction of Elysium Health’s Anti-Aging Pill

Elysium Health’s first product, a blue pill called Basis is a neutraceutical designed to keep you young. Neutraceuticals do not require successful clinical trials on human beings to be sold to the public. Consequently, they do not have to be approved by the FDA. This nutraceutical is made of a chemical precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). It is a compound that cells use to initiate metabolic reactions such as the release of energy from glucose.
The product is believed to function like a diet minus the calories; this then leads to the present test subjects, mice living longer. Elysium’s founder, Leonard Guarente previously worked with Sirtris Pharmaceuticals. While there he focused on developing an anti-aging compound found in red wine. The plan was to use this compound to help patients with diabetes. Even though GlaxoSmithKline bought the company, the drug did not make it past the trial stage.Scientists have extended the lives of laboratory mice by feeding them less. This process called “caloric restriction,” is regulated by the body’s biological molecules, sirtuins. NAD is needed for sirtuins to do their work and perform other aspects of cell metabolism. As people age, NAD levels reduce. Consuming the nutraceutical increases the levels of the sirtuin molecule.

The most exciting thing to happen to the study of the biology of aging is NAD. Still, there is some controversy about the effectiveness of the supplement. Many experts say there is limited evidence that increasing NAD levels will actually slow down aging. Brian K. Kennedy, CEO of the California-based Buck Institute for Research on Aging has said, “There is enough evidence to be excited, but not completely compelling evidence.”

Leonard Guarente says Elysium’s pill contains two important chemicals that assist NAD. Nicotinamide riboside, a chemical the body transforms into NAD and pterostilbene, an antioxidant that stimulates sirtuins. It’s interesting that both ingredients can be found in specialty vitamins. Together they perform a synergistic effect.

Elysium plans to add the product to its line after it has completed preliminary testing, insuring the product is not toxic. They are following the rules pertaining to the approval of vitamins and supplements. As long as the ingredients are safe, vitamins and supplements can be sold over the counter. Elysium’s anti-aging pill will hit the market soon. Soon the days of watching your body age may be a distant memory.