Fabletics Grabs Phenomenal Success in the Online Fashion World in its Own Way

Fabletics has created a unique success story in the online world by following a way created by itself. The online brand, founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, has grown to a $250 million income-generating firm within three years. The company offered unique fashion activewear products that are made from high-quality materials. Interestingly, the products are priced at around 40% less than similar quality products available in the market. The brand used a number of techniques to make its vision of “favorite brand in activewear fashion” a reality. The techniques and strategies of Fabletics are an excellent case study for any growing or aspiring brands.


Fabletics identified that customer experience, last-mile service, exclusive design, brand recognition, and gamification elements have increased role in the concept of high-value brands for modern customers. Firstly, Fabletics introduced a unique shopping option that addresses all the issues of the customers. It introduced reverse showrooming to ensure an extra level customer experience. The brand opened up many physical showrooms in all the major cities in the United States. It means that people can go and experience products physically and purchase it either from the stores or the web store. It gives customers an option to check the product before buying it.


Secondly, it counted the online data as the primary asset for the retail strategy. Fabletics identified that providing the right content online as well as offline is an essential part of the customer’s brand journey. It depended on the local online data and identified the choices and preferences of customers and supplied the same to the local stores. This ensured that highly engaging and appealing products in the local stores, and that satisfied majority of the showroom customers. It also ensured that the brand’s growth focus is by depending on people, accessibility, and culture.


The brand ensured that communication is smooth across the verticals and to the customers. To improve the customer experience and by understanding the criticality of data, Fabletics devised a Lifestyle Quiz for its customers to offer customized products. It means that any new customer who signs up Fabletics for the first time has to complete a set of questionnaires that ask them their fashion preferences, physical aspects, and more. Based on that data, the online brand designs activewear products that can impress the customers. In return, the customers get products of their choice. Fabletics asks everyone who wanted to buy stylish and high-quality activewear products to sign up for the online store and complete the Lifestyle Quiz for getting products of their choice.

Fabletics: For Exercise and Yoga Pants with a Leisurely Touch

 Many companies have taken on Amazon and survived the ensuing competition to still stand tall or tell the tale. However, there is every indication that Fabletics is on course to attain this seemingly impossible fete. When three years of its founding, the activewear fashion brand has grown in leaps and bounds to become a $250 million company capable of competing at all levels of the industry. Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has stormed the fashion industry through strategic combination of innovation and technology to guarantee customer experience. Their optimistic approach blended customized designs with comfort, which it excellently mixed with a comprehensive membership platform.

 Fabletics has built a unique brand that customer-centric. For their case, the primary customers are the members who provide useful data through their browsing history. The company uses the data to run its reverse showroom operational technique. Based on the data, the company ensures that their new products are designed to meet these unique tastes and preferences as gathered from the browsing history. This enables Fabletics to stock their online and physical stores with products that are high-end and customized as per the taste and preference of their members. Their range of leisure athletics wear comes in various designs and sizes. Membership to Fabletics is very rewarding with the members having the luxury of finding high quality activewear that meet their tastes and preferences with little exertion.

Kate Hudson: Hands-on Involvement in Fabletics Operations

 For an actor with no background in business or management, for that matter, Kate Hudson has developed an enviable reputation as one of the leading faces behind Fabletics. The actress has overseen the growth of the fashion-forward brand into a global brand with millions of subscribed members from all over the world. With the support of her team Kate Hudson has overseen the meteoric rise of the company’s rise into a multi-million dollar company that specializes in athleisure brands that are customized according to the needs of their clients.

 Kate Hudson is actively engaged in the management of the company. From the first day of its operations following its launch in 2013, the actress has actively engaged in decision making of the brand on all key areas including finances, sales and marketing. In her efforts to create brand awareness, she has had overcome negative publicity while also improving its communication channels. To her, Fabletics represents a unique opportunity to empower women with designs that are tailor-made to their needs. Through Kate Hudson, Fabletics has entered into strategic partnerships with various celebrities including Demi Lovato.