Keeping It Low Key

To say that Doug Levitt is helping to bring an understanding between people of different socio-economic classes, is to say something that Doug himself may say is going a little over the top. Or maybe not, I can’t really speak for Doug himself, but the fact remains that while Doug Levitt is an artist at heart he is also somewhat of a social activist. What else can you call someone who is out there socializing with people for the purpose of bringing their way of life to the light of day? He is both socializing and is active in showing other people his purpose for doing it. So in that literal sense, he is a social activist.

Granted, he is doing this in such a way that you really have to look for someone like this in order to find him. He does not get much mainstream press, so unless you yourself are in this niche or actively seeking information about it, you are probably not going to know much about him. Much like the people he travels with via the Greyhound Bus lines. They are not living in what most of us consider “mainstream” society. Keeping up with the Joneses with our SUV’s and keeping current our mobile devices and more information click here.

Both Doug and the people he writes and sings about are a breath of fresh air in this rush and hurry world. Most people seem to want either their 10 minutes of fame, or bragging rights that they are doing better financially than their peers. Doug and the real common men and women of America are not like that. They are either doing what they love or doing what they can, and they are all satisfied with what they are doing and what they have. They are content. How many of us can say that about ourselves? and what Doug knows.