Adam Milstein Supports Jewish People Resettling in the US

The 20th century began in a tragic way that saw many programs that were designed to attack Jews and that movement has swept across Eastern Europe and Latin America and the most infamous attack in Kishinev, Russia. This anti-Jew campaign culminated on Easter 1903 with 10 or 20 men at a time coming around and killing every Jew in the room.

They went house to house totaling 1500 homes slaughtering 49 Jews and raping every woman who was “suspected” of being a Jew. The Holocaust came soon thereafter and many Jewish people fled Europe and resettled what is today modern Israel and throughout the US. Jewish people have come to the US and become one of the wealthiest minorities in the US today. Now, today we have the same problem with Islam as we speak. Other groups including African Americans, Latinos, and the LGBTQ community have faced ridicule and hatred in the past as well. Young people today are instrumental in changing the attitudes we have towards Jewish people and all other minorities or history will keep repeating itself well into the future.


Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation where he provides a wide range of services to Jewish people living throughout the US. They provide not only financial resources, but also programs to advocate for the rights of Jewish people who are often still hated throughout the world. They have programs that support Jewish people from their birth right through their old age and passing, and for every stage in between. Milstein himself was born in Haifa, Israel and served in the Israeli military before advancing on to college to receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and another degree in economics. In 1983, after immigrating to the US he received his MBA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.