Securus Technologies – Providing Superior Technology For Crime Prevention And Investigation

Securus Technologies is a prominent name in the field of inmate communications technology and has been offering pioneering products and services to the correctional space since its inception. The company invests heavily in research and development to make sure they can provide the best of products and services to the law enforcement agencies, inmates, investigative, and crime prevention agencies. The company is also known highly for its customer service and was also awarded one of the highest honors in the corporate sector for the best customer service training team, the Gold Stevie Awards.


Securus Technologies has served more than 15 million inmates till date and continues to reach out to over 1,200,000 prisoners in the United States. Moreover, the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are used by 3,450 law enforcement agencies, and the count continues to grow as the company grows and expand exponentially. In a press release published by Securus Technologies recently, the company wanted to share comments from some of the letters it received from the customers, which includes inmates as well as the law enforcement officials. It reflected positively on the company and how the firm’s products and services are helping with crime investigation and prevention.


Law enforcement officials mentioned in the letters how the advanced technology offered by Securus helps them on a daily basis with crime prevention and catching the offenders with ease. As a law enforcement official myself, I have used several of their products and services over the past couple of years, which has helped me on numerous occasions to prevent crime and arrest the offenders. It provides us with the crucial information that also acts as evidence in the court of justice, and makes our case stronger. It helps tremendously in reducing the crime in prison and the community.